Can CBD “Normalize” People at High Risk of Psychosis?

Unraveling the cannabis-psychosis paradox The medical cannabis legalization movement has faced some big challenges in the past few years from prohibitionists claiming that the plant is unsafe. While cannabis consumption has never resulted in death, there is a significant amount of concerns that adolescents who use cannabis are at a greater risk of psychosis. And, unlike...

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Cannabis and Pregnancy

My friend consumed about three grams of cannabis per day. This amount would leave many dazed and confused. But she felt focused, energized, and functional. Good for her. Then one day, to my surprise, she turned it down. “No more of that for another nine months.” She was pregnant. Her resolve was steel. “It’s dangerous to...

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Cannabis and Schizophrenia

Cannabis  and schizophrenia is compelling, as is the evidence that THC and synthetic cannabinoids can provoke symptoms of schizophrenia in healthy subjects and exacerbate symptoms in patients with schizophrenia. It’s not uncommon for cannabis aficionados to view the herb as a panacea to all problems and ailments, physical or mental. However, while cannabis does have...

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