Cannabis and Pregnancy

My friend consumed about three grams of cannabis per day. This amount would leave many dazed and confused. But she felt focused, energized, and functional. Good for her. Then one day, to my surprise, she turned it down. “No more of that for another nine months.” She was pregnant. Her resolve was steel. “It’s dangerous to...

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What Are Vape Pens? A Quick Guide

Smoking is a pastime that is ingrained in many cultures, and that is used for bonding, contemplation, and relaxation. As with any activity, it is normal for it to evolve over time. Our ancestors dried and ground leaves, and then wrapped them in other leaves and burned those. That released the 'good' chemicals from the...

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Cannabis and Schizophrenia

It’s not uncommon for cannabis aficionados to view the herb as a panacea to all problems and ailments, physical or mental. However, while cannabis does have sweeping positive effects and benefits from medical and recreational nature, it’s important to remember that schizophrenia is a whole different ballgame. The correlation between cannabis use and psychosis has been...

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