Autoflowering Seeds

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Growing your own autoflower seeds is the easiest way to go. “Regular” Indicas will flower 7-9 weeks after germination. These plants are short and dense and need little vegetative growth to support the bud development. Sativa may take anywhere from 10-16 weeks to flower. These plants are taller and thinner and require a longer growth phase before buds will start to form. Autoflower marijuana seeds online are genetically bred to start flowering very soon after the first leaves start to form. Autoflowering seeds for sale in USA will typically not grow taller than 2-3 feet. The auto seeds usa really are in a class of their own – a unique experience for your growing repertoire if you have never tried them before. Yields for plants growing from autoflowering seeds will be lower PER plant, but the idea is that because they are smaller and bloom faster – you can have MORE of these plants in the same space. buy autoflowering Seeds,  So plan on squeezing more plants into the same sized room – buy autoflower seeds USA in bulk to make sure you maximize your growing potential. A general rule of thumb for some growers is 1 plant per 4 square feet. Autoflower seeds for sale may require even less.

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