Feminized Seeds

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Feminized seeds refer to cannabis seeds that are specially bred to eliminate male chromosomes so as to produce only female plants. … The feminine cannabis plant produces considerably more working substances such as THC and CBD as compared to the male cannabis plant.

These feminized plants give a guarantee that no plant will be male or a hermaphrodite. When a female cannabis plant undergoes extreme stress, it can affect the results but using these seeds is a good way to increase yields, save work, and get higher value from the seeds.

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These seeds are susceptible to becoming hermies themselves when exposed to the same conditions as their female “father” who produced the pollen.
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While autoflowers require less attention and allow for quicker harvests, feminized cannabis seeds come with their own set of advantages. … You can expect bigger plants and a greater yield with feminized seeds, with the smokeable cannabis often being more potent than cannabis grown from autoflower seeds.
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