Apple slushi Plug Cart



Apple slushi Plug Cart

Apple slushi Plug Cart is a half and half blend by Franchise Genetics that is an intoxicating daytime buzz sure to have you whizzing through any to-do list. Mixing strains with roots from Africa and Brazil, this powerful strain brings together Alien Dawg and Sour Apple for a flavorful high that you’ll be reaching for time and time again.

This garland of sweet and sour flavors of Apple slushi Plug Cart offers up a heck of a punch due to its soaring THC levels. On average this bud comes in at greater than 25% THC. With notes of, you guessed it, sour apple on the tongue and nose, it is no wonder how the strain gets its name. Those flavors are accented by hints of earth, berry, and a smokiness as you break the buds apart. Nugs are dense little neon green beauties with a bright arrangement of hairs and a thick layer of white trichomes.

The high is one of a classic sativa with a little indica twist. At first you’ll feel quite energetic, wanting to chat and share ideas. That feeling will manifest into a long-lasting creative phase that is perfect for an artist looking to get the juices flowing. Euphoric waves come and go throughout the high, giving you little bursts of energy followed by a deep set laziness that ebbs and flows. Indulge the rush of hunger on the comedown and dig into some of your favorite treats.

Medical users can rejoice at this intense but enjoyable high. Those that suffer from mood disorders such as depression, stress, anxiety, or bipolar love this strain for its ability to streamline your thoughts and lift the spirits. This strain is two sides of the same coin offering users both energy and sleepiness, though each of those come in progressive stages. The energy is hard hitting and fast, lifting up those that suffer from chronic fatigue and giving them the boost they need to get through the day. Conversely, the come down is a hard crash that will help any insomniac fall fast asleep. If you suffer from a lack of appetite or anorexia, this is a great strain to help with those symptoms.

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