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Buy Apple Mintz Kush is a delicious hybrid cross of Apple Fritter and Kush Mintz. Its lineage is clear in its creamy, fruity, and minty aromas and smooth, minty inhale. It gives users mostly a head high, with an initial uplift that settles into a chill, happy euphoria. Powerfully relaxing, late onset couchlock makes this a good nightcap or evening strain. Terpenes: Caryophyllene, Limonene, Myrcene.

For the beginning botanist, that is all you really need to remember: “square stalks with opposite leaves, and usually aromatic”. Worldwide there are about 180 genera in the Mint Family representing some 3500 species. Approximately 50 genera are found in North America.

Medicinally Buy Apple Mintz Kush  family is rich in volatile oils, especially menthol, often use as the penetrating vapors in cough drops. These spicy oils are stimulating and warming, causing the body to open up and sweat; so most of these plants are list as diaphoretic in herbal books. This property can help you break a fever. A fever is the body’s way of “cooking” the microorganisms that cause infections. Using a diaphoretic herb can help raise a mild fever just high enough to “cook” a virus, thus “breaking” or ending the fever.       Volatile oils are also highly lethal to microorganisms. On camping trips I often use aromatic Mints to help purify questionable water. Eating a few Mint leaves after drinking from a creek certainly won’t kill everything in the water, but it sure helps. Order apple mintz backpackboyz

You can safely sample any member of the Mint family. Some species like the Coleus, a house plant with red and green leaves, have no aroma at all, while a patch of the more potent Agastache may bring tears to your eyes just passing through.

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