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Buy Girl Scout cookies Marijuana strain  (formerly known as Girl Scout cookies Flavors is a Cannabis Cup award-winning strain comprised of OG Kush and Durban Poison and is perfect for an after-dinner treat or a nightcap.

Buy Girls Scout cookies weed Online is also sometimes known as Berner Cookies or Berner’s Cookies, after cannabis mogul and rapper Berner (whose real name is Gilbert Millam, Jr). A San Francisco native, Berner lays claim to originating the strain with a growing collective that’s become known as Cookie Fam. A master of branding, Berner shot Cookies into the mainstream when he got his product into the hands of no less than Wiz Khalifa. It has since become a staple strain across the U.S.

By crossing two super popular strains, the underground breeding collective Cookie Family (or Cookie Fam) has been able to elevate THC levels to a whopping average of 25% to 28% and boast CBD and CBN contents to 1% as well. If that wasn’t enough to entice you, then the flavor and aroma will definitely draw you in. At first opening of the bag the sweet, earthy aromas hit your nose and only grow sweeter as you break apart the buds. The smoke of this strain is dessert like and will certainly endear you to these light green and purple-hued buds. The fiery orange hairs and bright purple leaves make it just as pleasing to the eye as it is to the palate

The Girls Scout cookies weed strain for sale high catapults you into a wave of euphoria and tingles that encapsulate your body with very little effort. These ultra-powered buds will have you questioning space and time, while utterly gluing you to your seat. The couch lock on this is real, as are the munchies, so be sure to have a box of actual Girl Scout cookies handy for good measure. Throughout the hours-long high, you’ll experience waves of giddiness that might have you in minor giggle fits, though that will ebb and flow into introspection from time to time. This is an engaging high that will certainly have you feeling creative, but try as you might, you probably won’t have any motivation to get anything done.

Girl Scout cookies Marijuana Strain for sale  has some incredibly powerful effects that are beneficial to the medical community in numerous ways. First and foremost, this is a great strain for treating chronic pain, inflammation, muscle tension, and cramps. Its highly sedative properties will have you feeling relief in no time. Additionally, many use this strain as a stress reliever. The tranquilizer-like feeling of this bud puts you in a place of complete relaxation, slaying stress and even getting you ready for a good night’s sleep.

Growing techniques for this plant vary depending on who you ask, however, Cookie Fam suggests SOG indoors with either a soil or hydro set up. The flowering time on this plant is around 10 weeks or until the buds are plump and plentiful. The yield of this plant is about average, though in really stellar conditions you might be able to squeeze out a bit extra.

Other  Buy Girl Scout Cookies Marijuana Strain Online flavors include;, lemonade Girl Scout cookies, Girl Scout cookies samoas.

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5 reviews for Buy Girl Scout cookies

  1. GSC is a great daytime strain with its Durban Poison Sativa roots paired with OG and Afghani on the Indica side. It is more clear headed than many strains, and is ideal for allergies and headaches. Like any strain, cultivation is the key, and I would give five-stars if it were always grown in a stellar way on the market

    Brittany Kelly

  2. Great strain for anxiety/depression, adhd. Very smooth relaxing high that leaves your mind buzzed and your senses enhanced. Ordered GSC from Green Society to try the strain and it is one of my favorites. 5/5 smell, looks, taste, high.

    Laird Bruce

  3. GSC and it’s phenotypes have a legendary reputation among cannabis users for a reason. Despite being indica dominant, GSC features an incredible cerebral high that is excellent for treating depression, while offering a comforting body high as well. The effects are felt incredibly quickly, with a classic sativa head rush followed by deep relaxation that pulses in your spine. The buds of this strain can take on an incredible variety of colors, with some being deep, almost neon green, and other featuring almost blue-greens, silver, and yellow coloration. The terpenes are incredible as well, smelling very dank, sweet, and earthy. The smoke is VERY sweet, with an intensely spicy nuttiness accompanied by notes of vanilla and pastries. Dabs of this strain have a powerful vanilla flavor and express deep herby dankness on the exhale. This strain is a must try for all stoners. It combines deep relaxation with a stimulating, euphoric head-space that’s perfect for treating different mood disorders as well as simply getting high. GSC more than lives up to it’s reputation and is sure to put a smile on your face.

    Bryan Buckley

  4. Great strain. Right up there with blue dream. Can these medical growers stop putting the oils in the wicked cartridges? Ruins the taste. GSC is known for great taste and effects so why make it taste bad? I like this one for social anxiety. I bet many would agree… after awhile the indica side takes over, if it didnt smack you in the first place. Good for outdoors or inside lounging. Versatile bigtime and it crosses nicely with many strains.

    Stern Bryan

  5. Excellent weed for sure. It feels like it is more heavily weighted toward the Indica side, than “60-40” which for me is a “big plus”, as so to speak. This will make you very spacey sleepy and relaxed. Excellent for chronic pain, as there is a fine body high that it brings.

    Calla Creates

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