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The standard ratio of CBD to THC in Order Harlequin CBD oil online is 5:2. Cannabis lab Analytics 360 has measured samples of this strain at between 4% to 10% THC  and 6% to 15% CBD. Harlequin CBD oil For Sale online has won multiple Cannabis Cup awards for its CBD content in both bud and concentrate form.


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Buy Harlequin CBD oil online is a CBD-rich strain whose popularity predated the recent wave of non-psychoactive medical CBD strains like Charlotte’s Web. Purchase Harlequin CBD oil online is the sativa-dominant product of several different landrace strains: 1970s favorite Colombian Gold, Thai and Swiss sativa landraces, and a Nepali indica variety. These patchwork genetics may account for the strain’s name — “harlequin” originally referred to the brightly-patterned costumes of traditional Italian clowns of the same name. Harlequin CBD oil  for sale is approximately 75% sativa, although it lacks the characteristically strong cerebral sativa high due to the mitigating presence of CBD. The standard ratio of CBD to THC in Harlequin CBD oil For Sale online  is 5:2. Cannabis lab Analytics 360 has measured samples of this strain at between 4% to 10% THC  and 6% to 15% CBD. Order Harlequin CBD oil online has won multiple Cannabis Cup awards for its CBD content in both bud and concentrate form.

Details of Buy Harlequin CBD oil online

Buy Harlequin oil online has tight, dense buds of medium size. Its leaves are medium green with pistils that vary in color from orange to vivid red. Despite lower than average concentrations of THC, Harlequin is typically covered in sticky white trichomes. When properly cured, the buds smell musky with traces of tropical fruit underneath. The combusted flowers have a woody, earthy scent and taste of mango and citrus fruits when inhaled. The smooth smoke is not known to induce coughing, and it finishes with a rich, hashy aftertaste.

Details Of Harlequin CBD oil For Sale online

Because its THC content is so low, and because its high CBD counteracts the psychoactive effects of that THC, Harlequin CBD oil  for sale is not likely to get the user particularly high. Any mental effects take the form of an uplift in mood, conferring a mellow mindset and allowing for some mild anxiety relief. Some users report an increased sense of focus or a shift in perspective, but just as frequently, they’re able to pull themselves out of this altered state and closer to sobriety.

Instead of a potent high, Harlequin is known to offer pain relief from both mild and chronic conditions. It can alleviate the aches associated with joint pain and stiffness. It can also have powerful anti-inflammatory properties, making it beneficial as a medication for fibromyalgia and neuralgic pain. Additionally, Harlequin can relieve moderate nausea. Order Harlequin CBD oil online allows for sustained mental focus without a heavy body stone — this makes it a versatile medicine that can be as easily used during the day or at night.

Purchase Harlequin CBD oil online is a clone-only strain, meaning that in order to cultivate it, prospective growers need to obtain clippings from a mature plant. These clones are often available at cannabis conventions and expos, or could be obtained from a fellow grower. Although several digital seed companies purport to sell packaged seeds of Harlequin, such claims should be regarded with suspicion, as the strain’s growers claim to have never released seeds.

Order Harlequin CBD oil online can be grown by newcomers or by those with significantly more cultivation experience. Outdoors, plants require a steady source of sunlight and temperatures between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. However, growers cultivating outdoors should watch out for environmental threats, as Harlequin is not particularly resistant to pests or to fungus. The strain is easily grown indoors, as its plants have a typically indica shape — they are squat and bushy, with strong lateral branching. Harlequin has an average yield, although its flowering nodes (or colas) are so dense and large that they may require stakes for support as plants enter the flowering stage. Indoors, plants flower within 9 to 10 weeks; if flowers are harvested after the 10 week period, THC content may increase so that it equals or exceeds the desired CBD content. Also, because its bud structure is so dense and prone to develop mold, Harlequin may require 3 weeks, rather than the typical 10 days, to properly.

The spread of medical and recreational cannabis legalization has brought new attention to CBD as an instrument of health. Charlotte’s Web, developed for a young epilepsy patient, has sparked international attention and even drawn families to Colorado, seeking treatment that doesn’t come with a high. And although Harlequin still has a tinge of THC and some associated psychoactivity, it’s still a medically potent strain, suitable for a range of conditions. Its uplifting but functional high allows the user to perform work, errands, and even exercise. Harlequin landrace heritage has given it genetic heartiness and stability, while selective breeding by cannabist botanists has boosted the valuable concentration of THC. Harlequin’s desirable properties have also been used to yield child strain Pennywise, another CBD-heavy (albeit indica-dominant) strain.

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16 reviews for Harlequin CBD oil

  1. Really great for late afternoons after you have worked too hard (for a 70 yr. old Lady Like Myself.) Best description of the effect is if you hold perfectly still you reach a state of painlessness and an intense feeling of well-being while still being able to function normally.

    Anita Hill

  2. Vaped ground flower, and sad to say this not as smooth as Pennywise (offspring to Harle). Itches the back of my throat and not particularly tasty. With it’s ratio of THC/CBD I would still get this in a pinch.

    Rona Ralls

  3. 9 times out of 10, when ever i vape this Strain, I want there to be a good amount of CBD in the strain. Harlequin delivers a very subdued, long-lasting body high, with a minor head-high. Not energetic, not mellowing, but just a great comfortable feeling – a great relaxing high. Puts a smile on my face and allows me to endure some pretty boring people without them having a clue.

    Emma Zach Sherrell

  4. Harlequin Oil is known for an “approximate or “average” 5:2, CBD/THC ratio – as you stated. So, if you reverse the numbers, you would still need an interval for that single value of ten you have listed at the top as an apparent average constant – in order to be any kind of approximate interval over interval ratio. Later an interval is listed, I see that, but they are backwards with the number 6 missing from that interval. For example: 5:2 or 5/2 ratio of CBD to THC is approximately (not equal to) CBD: 6-15% over THC: 4-10% Here’s an example: 10 percent CBD over 4 percent THC = 2.5 or a 5:2 ratio, or another example as follows: 15 percent CBD over 6 THC = 2.5 or a 5:2 ratio.

    Anthony Dewitt

  5. Very relaxing and uplifting high. Muscles are more loose and kills my back pain with ease. Clear headed mind focus. Sweet mango taste, very difficult to come by here on my country.( Germany)

    Anne Genovy

  6. Tried harlequin bx4 in vape oil form from this Online Shop Very good to ease stress, and lessens pain enough to make regular life way more bearable. Good choice for those not wishing for a buzzy head high. Very functional, prob great for social anxiety as well.

    Tammaro Wofford

  7. Harly Vape Oil is Amazing, don’t let the high cbd content deter you or make you think it won’t be enjoyable, because she is really heady, and packs a lot of relief too. The taste is amazing, sometimes you get a super diesel one, or just really cherry hazy flavored, either way its killer. Highly recommended

    Camille Andre

  8. I was told this would be the best for me to smoke at the dispensary. So i tried it. I get embarrassing anxiety when i smoke, because i get “to high” sometimes after just one hit… I have depression, ADD, and again bad anxiety. This was absolutely perfect. It calmed my mind and body down. I became one with the couch and was able to enjoy the high.

    Teressa Nelson

  9. Great energizing feeling with the CBD and higher sativa. ADD and depression really went away

    Nikki Lastreto

  10. Great for body aches and anxiety while still remaining functional. As a person with ADD, I find I am much less distracted while on this. Beats the anxiety and anorexia I got with Rx amphetamines!

    Amanda Roots

  11. Pain, pain went away!!! I have a rare form of muscular dystrophy where my muscles contract but don’t relax, causing massive spasms and pain. I’m usually hovering around a 15+ but this drops it down significantly. So much so I can actually move around on my feet and feel productive. And it’s strains like these that make me very glad I made the choice to drop the heavy duty opiated and go green.

    Michelle Sanderlin

  12. Loved it!!! Now i can’t find it anywhere. Great for pain, ocd, axiety, depression, uplifting but high functioning. The 5:2 ratio is perfect for daytime. Crossing my fingers that I find it again sooner than later.

    Wanda Mary Spacks

  13. This is my go to for being cognicent but still mellow, even when trying to function at high levels. Great daytime strain. I think it tastes more minty than the review. One of my favorite flavors.

    Stephen Price

  14. Very mellow, very effective. I mix Harlequin Oil and Headband together for an incredible, leg-cramp free, sleep all night, best stuff in the world for a pain free evening.

    Erica Patton

  15. Love The Pain Relief With Just A Wee Head Lift…If You Toke A Wee Bit More You Will Get Lifted!

    Joshua Pearman

  16. Love The Pain Relief…Will Give You A Mellow Head High, If You Toke More You Will Get Lifted Although It Will Be Short Lived(About 45 Min) !

    Patricia Clayton

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