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Backpackoyz Italian Ice weed strain For sale Online buds are a dark purple in color with a few light green leaves and orange hairs here and there. Resinous trichrome crystals and tiny white hairs completely cover the bud


Backpackoyz Italian Ice strain Info

Buy Backpackoyz Italian Ice strain Online is Forbidden Fruit crossed with Gelato #45. Diving deeper, Forbidden Fruit is Tangie crossed with Thin Mints, while Gelato #45 is Sunset Sherbet crossed with Thin Mints. Backpackoyz Italian Ice weed strain For sale Online buds are a dark purple in color with a few light green leaves and orange hairs here and there. Resinous trichrome crystals and tiny white hairs completely cover the bud. Order Backpackoyz Italian Ice strain Online, Purchase Backpackoyz Italian Ice strain Online,

When it come to the scent, it was like they were laser focused on a few specific terps. The Of Purchase Backpackoyz Italian Ice strain Online aroma of Backpackoyz Italian Ice weed strain For sale Online is the most sweet amazing mix of tropical punch and pineapple with light mango and tart notes. You really see the Forbidden Fruit and Sherbet take center stage in the nose.

The effects of Buy Backpackoyz Italian Ice strain Online

The inhale was not what I expected after such a sweet pineapple nose. The inhale took a more earthy herbal direction with very light sweet lavender gelato like notes with very delicate pineapple notes, if you look hard enough.

The exhale takes a delicate sweet light tropical punch turn with orange citrus and pineapple notes being most present.

The high of Italian Ice weed strain for sale is a great mix of the strain’s genetic ancestry. A very clean, calming, euphoric high allowing focus while helping with anxiety, pain relief and appetite stimulation.  How do I Order Backpackoyz Italian Ice strain Online?

So was it worth the money and would I buy it again? Yes. As seen in the video this is extremely exotic weed grown, flushed and cured the right way. #whiteash. I was very impressed with the nose and am looking forward to trying more Flavors from the Backpack Boyz and 5 Points.

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8 reviews for Buy Italian Ice strain

  1. Looks better than it smokes, it’s a great looking bud feels great too, but it’s a middle of the road hybrid that doesn’t sweep you off your feet either direction, so good for daytime when you don’t wanna be too fried i guess. Daily smoker rating give it a solid 7/10


  2. If your looking for a mellow high then this is the bud for you. I was uber focused and relaxed was able to function never got me “lit’. The bud itself looks beautiful i was impressed but it wasn’t the high I was looking for.


  3. Right out the bag I was met with these beautiful lime green buds, many of them accompanied by some really deep purples that make the golden pistils really pop. The smell really hits you in the face with, in my experience, an earthy sort of smell that finishes sort of sweet. I find myself popping the jar open just to smell it sometimes. All of that left my mouth drooling getting ready to smoke it, my bong packed and lit made for a really pleasant and smooth smoke. My initial impressions of the taste were pretty lack luster, the earthy smell of the weed translates very heavily into the smoke and I found it hard to find the sweetness until the very end. The high itself wasn’t very notable as I felt it wasn’t very unique to other hybrid strains on the market. But overall very relaxing and it did a good job keeping me focused the worst part being that it left my mouth a little bit more dry than I’m used to so I feel like I have to mention it. I would maybe give this strain a 3 star however the aroma and the appearance are really something amazing I had to give it a 4.

    Zack Attck

  4. Fantastic mid- day smoke, early afternoon after a busy morning has me relaxed and feeling content with however the rest of the day goes. Perfect for a social evening or a movie. I found myself getting sucked into whatever I was watching/playing. Smoke too much you get a lil stupid, tho…

    Rosalie Morgan

  5. This is a very balanced hybrid strain, the high doesn’t sway either direction more than the other. I sparked up a blunt of this about 30 minutes ago, the Initial high is very uplifting and euphoric, then slowly fades into a relaxing and calming high towards the end. Now, I’ve been smoking almost every day for the last couple years, so my tolerance is not low, this strain didn’t get me insanely clapped, the high was very mellow. This is a great strain for beginner smokers, so think it’s a good “dip your toes in the water” kind of strain, great for anxiety relief.

    Jim Baxter

  6. It’s a pretty good strain whatever mood your in it magnifies it.. if your happy you’ll be extremely happy and energized if your tired you’ll be out like a light within 20min

    Guanzi Trito

  7. Amazing for pain relief. Smooth smoking dense bud with a sweet taste. Great hybrid.

    Marcus Tony

  8. Managed to get this strain off the Proper 420 Natural Online , it was the first decent sleep I’ve had in a while would definitely recommend for people with insomnia or just looking a good night’s sleep, 10/10 Flavors: fruity at first, earthy at second and bliss on third.

    Daniel Hudnall

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