Buy Moonrocks Wax/an Oz


Buy Moonrocks Wax/an Oz at $380 online



Buy Moonrocks Wax/an Oz at $380 online

Buy Moonrocks Wax/an Oz at $380 online

Fully refined paraffin wax 58/60

Melting Point: 58-60 ASTM D87
Oil Content Wt%: 0.5 Max ASTM D721
Color (saybolt): +28 Min ASTM D156
Light stability: 4 Max
Needle penetration(25 )1/10mm: 18 Max ASTM D1321
Odor: 2Max ASTM D1833
Mechanical Impurity and Water: Negative
Acid and Alkali with Water solubility: Negative

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Model Number 58#
Place of Origin Liaoning, China (Mainland)
Deoiling & Refinement Fully-refined
Fusion Point (FUP) 58-60


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