It’s normal for breeders to tout their own strains as the best around, but we’re inclined to agree that Divine Genetics’s mashup of Chemdawg #4 and Girl Scout Cookies truly has created a superior bud. They named this indica-dominant offspring Chem Cookies and it’s won multiple awards at Cannabis Cup events over the years, including three titles in 2019 alone. The team at Divine Genetics has been crafting unique strains since 2011 and it’s no wonder why their plants have become so popular.




BUY PLUG COOKIES DNA isn’t for the faint of heart as her consistent 30% THC  average might stop even experienced smokers in their tracks. Her flower is rather long and dense, and while her wiry orange pistils and purple leaves are certainly a sight, you’ll practically drool when you see her trichomes. An interesting blend of flavors and aromas await you, and for many, it’s a love it or hate it situation. Breeders note that coffee, fuel, and plums all linger on one’s tongue, leaving a lasting flavor.

Divine Genetics will be the first to tell you that they breed strains that aren’t intended for newer smokers, and Chem Cookies certainly falls in line with that idea. For most, her high hits right away with a strong cerebral uplift that’s full of euphoria. While you’ll likely be happier than you have been in quite some time, don’t expect to have the energy to do anything about it. This bud is designed to offer the ultimate in relaxation, and depending on your tolerance, you might end up incredibly sedated. Long-lasting and powerful, Chem Cookies will make a name for herself the first time you give her a try.

If you’re already in the home cultivation game and want to include Chem Cookies in your next round of plants, you might have to exercise a bit of patience. Breeders partner with an exclusive online distributor and unfortunately, seeds of this strain are sold out. When they do become available, you can count on a variety that will thrive inside, outdoors, or in a greenhouse environment. Chem Cookies typically reaches a medium height and plants are generally very resistant to mold and mildew. Allow 7 to 8 weeks for maximum maturation and then prepare for a bountiful harvest!

Those who have developed a love for all strains diesel in nature will likely exude the same amount of passion for BUY PLUG COOKIES DNA , as she brings out the best in both of her parents equally. Consider going grocery shopping before you partake, however, because this bud has a reputation for bringing on quite a case of the munchies. Kick your feet up, gather your food, and settle in for a relaxing evening that just might lull you to sleep in no time.


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5 Carts 5 grams, 10 carts 10 grams, 20 carts 20 Gram


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