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Buy Scottie Pippen Weed, is the cross of Biscotti and Lemon Cherry Gelato. For reference, I named Lemon Cherry Gelato by Cannatique my favorite strain of 2019. And TBH, I have been circling back through Connected’s offering without officially reviewing it. >< I have been very impressed recently with their Biscotti coming out their Oakland Grow after being very unimpressed with the previous samplings I had coming out of their Sacramento Grow.

For those stoners too stoned to know who Buy Scottie Pippen Weed is, he is a legendary basketball player. He played for the Chicago Bulls, rocking the #33 on his jersey, and shared the court with Michael Jorden. Mr. Pippen is a big-time smoker and a fan of the Boyz and Mr. 5 Points.


#33, aka Scotie Pippen, has a mix of different color cola buds. Some tend to be a deep purple hue, while others tend to be a light green. Both are covered in long orange hairs, with a couple of dark green leaves, and tons of trichome crystals. The trichome crystals and orange hairs are so much in abundance; at times, the buds give off a golden glow in the camera lens.


The sweet scent of the #33 Scottie Pippen is what draws people in and soon gets them stuck. I believe it is by far one of the more complex aroma profiles of any cannabis to hit the street in 2020. It has all the funk of Lemon Cherry Gelato complemented so perfectly by Biscotti. I would describe the fragrance as a rich, musty, earthy profile balanced perfectly with sweet cherry and citrus lemon notes.

The aroma of the #33 Scottie Pippen and its parent Lemon Cherry Gelato is exceptionally unique. Some describe the musty nose as similar to that of old library books. Now I am not necessarily a fan of descriptors that are unappealing. However, I do feel that the description is kind of spot on. Not to mention, I love the meatiness of meatloaf breath and the garlic characteristics of GMO Cookies, which for most people, probably sound very unappealing.

The Inhale and Exhale

The inhale conitnues the complex theme with musty, citrus lemon notes complimented by delicate notes of rich, creamy chocolate and coffee with a little bit of earthiness. In contrast, the exhale shows more of the biscotti lineage with cookie-like characteristics more present. I saw a sweet, nutty, earthy profile complemented perfectly by sweet cherry notes and lingering coffee notes in the exhale.

The Smoking Experience

One of the things I love about both of #33s’ parents is the incredibly smooth smoking experience they offer. I found the old runs of Lemon Cherry Gelato exceptionally smooth smoking. I found almost the exact same unique smooth, clean-burning smoking experience with #33 Scottie Pippen. While the strain is incredibly smooth smoking, I also saw significant expansion, which I enjoyed.

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