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This strain is a mellow relaxant to jam out to, when you want to just kick back and untangle yourself from your thoughts at the end of a work day. Zkittlez is happiness-inducing, a trait that is further highlighted by its extremely citrus and fruity aroma, adding an extra zest to its playfulness.


             Zkittlez Kush Strain Review

Buy Zkittlez Kush Online, sometimes also spelled Skittlez or just Skittles, is an indica-dominant hybrid that erupts with fruit flavor. The creation of Northern California-based collective Dying Breed Seeds, this strain is descended from fruity indica favorite Grape Ape and tangy sativa Grapefruit. Skittles combines the mental and physical effects of both parent strains to yield a smooth, multifaceted high. This bud’s appeal was strong enough to earn the title of Best Indica at the 2015 High Times Cannabis Cup held in Michigan. Zkittlez’s THC content has been measured at between 15% and 23%.

Like its namesake, this strain offers you the opportunity to taste the rainbow — but as it turns out Zkittlez lets you see a rainbow too. The eye-catching purple hues are the result of high concentrations of anthocyanin pigments. The trimmed buds have a characteristically indica structure, tight and densely-packed, with smallish leaves. Finally, a dusting of cloudy white trichomes ensures both stickiness and psychoactivity.

Its aroma is where Zkittlez really shines. When properly cured, Zkittlez’s flowers give off a kind of sweet-sour funk. A second whiff reveals slightly more distinct notes of berry and lemon. Grinding up the flowers intensifies the strain’s more sour notes, resulting in a kind of skunky character. When combusted in a pipe or joint, the flowers burn with a very pleasant and easily-inhaled smoke. On the exhale, this light smoke tastes fruity and grape-like. Notably, any detectable grape flavors are coincidental to the strain’s purple coloring; this is because the plant’s color are determined by pigmentation., while its flavor profile is determined by terpenes.

Effects of  Buy  Zkittlez Kush Online

Although Buy Zkittlez Kush Online comes on relatively quickly, its head-focused effects tend to be subtle. Some slight pressure around the eyes and temples may occur at first. As smokers become accustomed to this feeling, though, they’re able to appreciate the strain’s action on their sensory perception.

Odd experiences like visual and auditory distortions are commonly reported, as is a strange feeling of time passing more slowly. Such trippy, depersonalizing effects can be boosted by atmospheric enhancements, particularly moody music or a visually-engaging television show.

At the same time that zkittlez cake psychedelic trappings set in, users may also notice that their thoughts have taken on a newly plugged-in quality, with certain ideas seeming to occupy more space or attention than they otherwise might. This kind of cerebral energy can be a great way to work on detailed tasks, whether they’re complicated or more mundane, like cleaning the house

. As the high wears on, a palpable body high creeps in to complement these mentally-activating effects. While this newfound relaxation isn’t liable to knock smokers out flat, it could just undo any earlier motivation to get through a long to-do list. In these later stages, Zkittlez is best enjoyed laidback circumstances. Because of its slow dip in energy levels, this bud is recommended for consumption between late afternoon and early evening not others like Blue skittles strain, Zkittlez Og



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13 reviews for Buy Zkittlez Kush Online

  1. Im gonna Give 4 of 5 Stars. Paid for tracking and it was shipped regular speed and a Quality of 90$% Top Quality and the product is worth the price

    Richard Cules

  2. I have the hardest time getting hungry. It usually takes combinations of strains to get me to choke down a few mouthfuls of food. This strain caught me completely by surprise; Ten hits in and I devoured an entire pizza by myself. It was amazing, my wife cried.

    Fast delivery and presumably good stuff. The second package was missing, the spirit of the game.

    Peri Gutzman

  3. New order received successfully. ML proving why he is the most successful seller of Exotics online. It arrived discreetly and quickly. They have been working with this store for many years and they are 1000% recommended.
    it’s definitely one of my favorites right off the bat. These nugs are fuckin’ COATED in trichomes. Lovely relaxing but focused high. Great for my anxiety and paranoia.

    Zion Yuuke

  4. Fast shipping, Good Commutation, Good Stuff. Trusted Vendor.

    Never pass up on this strain ! Physical well being , Mental Clarity , Spiritual Purity After some time passed, my hands started shaking and my heart rate rate increased. Surprisingly, I did not get paranoid or anxious. I was very calm. I grabbed a bottle of alkaline water and rehydrated. Thanks man

    Gosi Douk

  5. The flavor is amazing… It tastes like candy. And the high is super mellow. It made for a very relaxing night. I loved it .

    5/5 With little delay but the customer services told me there was a little delay. As always quality, weight, stealth just amazing.
    More Lbs Coming

    Mayko Dyke

  6. Wow , just wow. Body is so relaxed I am slumped in a chair. Definitely not your ” productive ” strains. However that not important, what’s important is that I can sleep so well after smoking some skittles from 3rd family genetics . It’s the perfect taste of fruity pebbles and it gets you so calm and relaxed pretty quick . Great after a long work week or if you just want to take “chillin” to a new level . Enjoy everyone!


    Ignazio Caprio

  7. Smell and aroma is other worldly, so much fruit and sweetness going on you would think it’s a bag of Skittles. I’m very impressed with this new concoction, rare, recently won 1st in Michigan 2015 for best Indica. Heavy and euphoric, easily one of my top 10 favs of all time.
    Still the best… 0 problem Quality 10/10 Shipping 10/10 Price 10/10 All right Thx

    Bem Leo

  8. The high was a very indica high with one interesting fact. . . I was very energetic too! This is how we can change the way we look at Marijuana in my opinion, instead of being barely functional from smoking, this strain has shown me a very strong indica still carries the energy throughout my day instead of making it nap time all the time! Over all rating would be 10/10!

    Voor Zacks

  9. Flower shape seems to be smaller than traditional nugs but it is also a newer strain so hopefully we don’t find the quality leaving as many start to grow.
    Good stuff and fast shipping as always.

    Chris Guerra Antonio

  10. If skittles were to be made into a marijuana flower this would be the smell and taste of it (hence the name). Lovely beautiful smell and a wonderful very easy smoke.

    2 Days Domestic. Awesome Quality – Best Vendor!!

    Buffy Ceasar

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  12. Peculiar article, exactly what I wanted to find.

    Kabel Erdung

  13. A seriously good strain. I always vape this in a dry herb burner. At 375°f you can really taste those terps, a subtle sweetness, an earthy fruity taste, it tastes supreme. Heat up to 390°f and the sour starts to kick in. Finish off at 415°f for a final hit. My initial high was a heady buzz that then drifted and continued to drift over my whole body. A very enjoyable vape

    Stefan Jake

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