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Buy Backkackboyz White Bubblegum Gelato strain is a frosty Indica-dominant hybrid strain of cannabis created by grower TH Clones. This strain is a cross between to fan favorites: Snow White and Bubblegum. Despite this, not much information about this strain is available yet. Although it’s likely sold quite often, not everyone has the mind to record their experiences for others on the Internet. Some of the info not yet available includes the THC levels, the CBD levels of Backkackboyz White Bubblegum Gelato strain for sale, and a better understanding of the high White Bubblegum provides.

Backkackboyz White Bubblegum Gelato strain for sale looks like just about every other Indica-dominant hybrid. These buds are tight, dense, olive green nuggets are often covered in hairy pistils and off-white trichomes that give the bud some dimension. It has been reported that these buds often smell of nutty earth mixed with sweet berries and flowers. The smoke from this bud has a uniquely sweet taste that most describe as being exactly like cotton candy. If the high doesn’t convince you to take a second hit, the taste certainly will.

Details of Buy Backkackboyz White Bubblegum Gelato strain

The high begins with a combination of a relaxing body high and an uplifting cerebral high. Your body will experience a warm, tingly sensation that quickly spreads down the back of your neck out through your limbs. Although your body will feel like it is constantly being washed in relaxing vibes, it never becomes too much to handle. Those that have reported their experiences have noted this strain balancing the fence between sedation and relaxation.

At the same time, a euphoric tingling feeling also expands across your head. An uplifting and motivating high, users have reported picking up a controller to tackle a hard level in a video game or writing some poetry while smoking this herb. If you’re someone who struggles to focus on something, whether its work or play, it would seem that White Bubblegum could assist in that department..

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