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Buy White OG Strain OG Kush X White Widow online

Like the name would suggest, the White OG strain’s genetic lineage consists of the OG Kush and White Widow strains.

Being in the San Fernando Valley, we run into a variety of OG Kush strains. Thanks to this, it can be difficult to find a batch of OG that really stands out.

With this in mind, I was excited to see what sort of impression the White OG strain would leave.


Buy Critical Widow Strain


Buy Critical Widow Strain  is a one of a kind, hard to find rarity that is well worth the search. Decidedly a strain you must try at least once in your life, Critical Widow marijuana for sale is an ultra strong, slightly sativa-dominant hybrid that will damn near whisk you to another dimension. Critical Widow weed for sale near me, Buy Critical Widow Marijuana Online USA, Buy Critical Widow Marijuana Online USA, Order Critical Widow Marijuana Online USA and Critical Widow Marijuanaf or sale Online USA.

Considering the THC levels soar at over 25% in most cases, it almost goes without saying that Critical Widow is recommended for the highly experienced smoker. These golden nuggets have a sledgehammer effect that smashes into you without any mind to your feelings. The citrus and spiced fruit flavors complement the golden hairs and bright yellow trichomes that cover each bud. The aromas are similar with bright citrus and spice accompanied by an earthy pungency.

Details of Buy Critical Widow Strain

For a bud (Buy Critical Widow Strain )this powerful, it is surprisingly energetic, slamming into you with a cerebral rush that has you feeling sociable, albeit a little hazy. Fits of giggles are to be expected, as are full body tingles and lots of chatting. As the high builds those impulses only get stronger, however the energy gets replaced with a full-on wind down sedation. You shouldn’t plan on doing much after you hit this point, except maybe grab a movie or some backed up episodes of your favorite show and settle in. Evening though you won’t necessarily be weighed to the couch, you might not have much motivation anymore. You might also want to stock up on snacks because the munchies will hit you hard on the comedown.

Though finding the seeds might be a challenge, once you have them you’ll find that not much else is. This is an easy to start, easy to finish grow with roots that are mold and mildew resistant and flowers that just keep coming. Critical Widow marijuana for sale has an average flowering period of 8 to 9 weeks and will grow to be quite tall if left to its own devices, so pruning is necessary. Climate control is vital to your success and these beauties should be kept warm and dry.

This monstrous Critical Widow weed for sale near me is perfect after a long day, so gather some of your favorite afternoon snacks and hunker down. Throughout your high, you’ll get sudden bursts of creativity, but the overwhelming silliness of this strain may make it difficult to actually get much done.

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