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Buy White OG weed Strain Online is an award-winning child of two celebrated strains, The White and SFV OG Kush, taking home the overall prize at the 2010 and 2014 Cannabis Cup. Between its incredible flavors and hard-hitting effects, this sought after heiress bred by Karma Genetics will certainly be your next favorite go-to strain. White OG weed Strain for sale near me, How Do I Purchase White OG weed Strain Online and Where To Order White OG weed Strain Online.

With insanely high THC levels around 24% and famous lineage, it’s no wonder as to why it’s taking home awards and slowly become a top-tier strain. These forest green nugs are covered in milky white trichomes and fiery orange hairs, giving it the façade of being hot to the touch. The aromas are sweet and lemony with earthy pine and refreshing wintergreen on the nose. The flavors are rich in citrus and musk, making this a strain to remember.

Details of Buy White OG weed Strain Online

The high from Buy White OG Marijuana Strain  can only be described as powerfully sedative. After the first hit, you are blinded by the heavy cerebral rush, leaving you hazy and stoned, with an almost complete loss of functionality. This strong high is perfect for an end of day sleep aid or a brain blackout that will last throughout the night. Enjoy it before bed for the full desired effect.

As mentioned above, this White OG Marijuana Strain for sale  are ideal for the treatment of insomnia. Its utterly numbing properties will have you off to dreamland with very little effort of your own. Described as a narcotic-like high, this is going to be an uninterrupted rest, so be sure to give yourself plenty of time for it to wear off during the night. As it is a powerful sedative, it is also great for the relief of pain, headaches, cramps, muscle spasms, and muscle tightness. How Do I Purchase White OG weed Strain Online?

This is a popular indoor plant with a flowering time of 10 to 11 weeks and will grant you with a high yield if properly cared for. Recommended for intermediate growers and above, you can expect a medium sized plant that smells of citrus and pine. White OG weed Strain for sale is great for indoor breeders who require a less pungent odor from their plants. Where To Order White OG weed Strain Online?

If you are looking for the best night of sleep you’ve had in a long time, you’ve come to the right place. Not only is this strain incredibly enjoyable because of its flavors, but it is a one hitter quitter that will last you longer than most. Enjoy White OG weed Strain for sale near me at night after a long and stressful day and feel your worries melt away into this blissful, couch locked high not like snow white strain.



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6 reviews for Buy White OG Strain

  1. Strain is straight up legit. Puts your mind right in very short order. A+ strain for nighttime, it will put you down!

    Craig Gross

  2. Quality nugs. Hard narcotic stone, a bit confusing. Lose the plot on what you’re doing but very pleasant. Nice kush flavour.

    Crawford Bundy

  3. If you need to relax and get rid of pain, look no further. Keep in mind though it is a hybrid 50/50. The sativa side is not to racy or paranoia.

    Dakota Yott

  4. Walter White is an EXCEPTIONAL hybrid with a truly unique balance of flavors and a potent buzz to go with it. The aroma is that of a classic OG with an extra sharp piney smell and a sweet earthy undertone. Subtle citrus tones shine through as well. Beautifully frosted over with trichomes, this OG is definitely will please even the heaviest of tokers. This has quicky become one of my top 3 OGs! Tahoe Hydroponics did a wonderful things! b-Caryophyllene 4.1 mg/g, Limonene: 10 mg/g, Humulene 1.2 mg/g.

    DV Smith G

  5. The bud is excellent easy to smoke and if your full time on it and Usually need a rhino tranquilizer to get high this buds for you

    Vallimont Dale

  6. Best Strain so far.
    420 Natural Got the best and efficient customer services.

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