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 Zookies Backpackboyz Leafly Strain Review

Buy Zookies Backpackboyz Strain is a hyrbid marijuana strain made by crosssing Animals Cookies and Original Glue. The result is a level-headed strain that is as delicious as it is potent. Backpackboyz Zookies Strain for sale has a unique terpene profile, aroma, and flavor of sweet nutty cookies with a hint of diesel. Zookies Kush for sale is a great choice for someone looking for a strong high without getting stuck in the couch.

Fans of the Glue family should include Buy Zookies Backpackboyz  strain on their must-try list as soon as possible because between her great flavors and powerful effects, you’ll feel as if you hit the cannabis lottery. Crafted by Alien Labs in California, she’s an evenly balanced hybrid that hails from a cross between Animal Cookies and Original Glue (also known as Gorilla Glue #4).

Rather than getting some items crossed off of your to-do list while you wait for Zookies weed for sale to kick in, you can expect that her high will potentially blast you into space right away. Most describe her effects as extremely cerebral at first, offering a joyous calm that makes it hard to focus. As you begin to feel this strain work its way through your body, you’ll likely encounter a state of couch-lock that will vary in intensity depending on your tolerance. Those who are new to cannabis will probably fall asleep right away.

Since you’re going to be hanging out in your living room for the night anyway, you might as well take advantage of the therapeutic benefits that Zookies Bud has been said to offer. Physical pain of nearly all types, including migraines, women’s health issues, and inflammation from arthritis could potentially be soothed with ease, leaving you feeling incredible before bed. If you tend to get anxious or feel depressed, let this strain to try to boost your mood as well. Those who are in need of a good night of sleep should smoke Zookies Weed before turning in and see how she can help with insomnia.

Alien Labs is a fantastic cultivation operation, and while they focus on small batches of flower that are grown with love and care, they don’t tend to make their seeds available to the general public. They note that their seeds come from breeders across California, so finding some for sale online is highly unlikely.

Nonetheless, if you live in the Sunshine State, keep your eyes open for Backpackboyz Zookies Strain for sale at your local dispensary. We’d recommend that you only try this bud when you have zero plans in front of you, even if you’re a very experienced user. From what others have reported, this strain will knock you down and you’ll likely want to stay there for a while.

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