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     Tangie bang plug Cart

Tangie bang plug Cart is a proprietary strain from Prūf Cultivar out of Portland, Oregon. These growers created a balanced, 50/50 Sativa/Indica by crossbreeding Tangie and GSC. Tangie Biscotti can be found in dispensaries in the form of flower, carts, and rosin. Tangie Biscotti is an incredibly potent hybrid with the ability to ease your mental ailments and then knock you out physically.

Tangie bang plug Cart  flower is just as pretty as it is potent. These buds typically grow in the shape of a spade or shovel. These incredibly dense nuggets are often olive or forest green, with an assortment of orange and tangerine pistils covering a thick layer of amber trichomes. These buds fill the air around them with a lingering aroma of dirt and forest mixed with spices for an amazingly sweet and sour earthy aroma. This scent is drastically altered when burned and inhaled, as the flavors most users report tasting is a citrusy, cookie flavor with a sour aftertaste.

This strain, as reported by most who have used it, hits hard and fast right between the eyes, almost immediately upon exhale. As a wave of mental relaxation spreads across your face to the back of your head, all of your stresses and worries are washed away. As your mind becomes utterly at peace with the world around you, the wave of relaxation spreads throughout your body, relaxing your muscles and tensions. You can no longer think about the negative aspects of your experiences, instead, you can only focus on the happiness you’re experiencing at the moment as you become increasingly sedated and sleepy. This is likely because, as Prūf Cultivar list on their webpage for Tangie Biscotti, myrcene and linalool are the two most prominent terpenes in this strain of cannabis, both known for their sedative effects.

This strain is great for patients who suffer from chronic stress and depression, as its heady high keeps users from recursively focusing on negative thoughts while relaxing the body which can suffer physically from depression symptoms. Tangie Biscotti is also a favorite amongst cannabis patients who use this flower to treat their migraine symptoms, as it has been reported to stop a migraine in its tracks. This strain is perfect for those who want to decompress after a long day at work or those that just need a quick pick me up in order to relax.

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5 Carts 5 grams, 10 carts 10 grams, 20 carts 20 Gram


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